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Bilingual Teacher Recruitment

[ Japanese / English ]
Recruitment type English teacher (part-time)
Job description Classroom / Online lesson Teachers
・Teach English to students using the Catal method (Age range: 8 ~ 18)
・Motivate and coach students to achieve academic goals
Rewrites Teachers Correct students’ writing using the online editing platform "Rewrites" developed by Catal (Age range: 8 ~ 18)
After reading the above job descriptions, if you feel that your aspirations and skill sets match the description of a Catal teacher, please apply through the entry form. You will be asked to submit a recruitment exam including an essay (topics are provided), editing work (writing is provided), and a self-introduction video.

You may choose which position to apply for (lesson or rewrites) or work both positions simultaneously.
English proficiency requirements TOEFL iBT 100 or higher
TOEIC 900点 or higher
IELTS 7点 or higher
Please submit an official test score certificate of one of the above proficiency exams. This requirement may be waived if you fulfill one of the conditions below.
Additional requirements Those who fulfill one or more of the conditions below will be waived from submitting an official test score certificate of their English proficiency exam.

・ Referred by Catal teachers or Catal students
・ Catal graduates

Technical requirements (for those planning to teach online)
・・Personal computers with Google Chrome installed with functional web camera and microphone
・Internet environment (data transmission speed must be 20Mbps or higher)
Please measure your internet speed from the link below
Internet speed test
Desired candidates ■ Bilinguals who have excellent command of Japanese and English
■ University / vocational school students
■ University / vocational school graduates
*High school students in their final year of school who have admittance to a university may apply
■ Experience with kids is desired but not necessary (training is provided upon hiring)

We would love to work with non-Japanese nationals* who are studying Japanese as a second foreign language or students who are studying abroad at a Japanese university.
*Must have obtained the JLPT N-1
Compensation Classroom and online lesson teachers
【Classroom lessons】Hourly wage : 1,800yen〜2,600yen(raises are determined according to length of experience and level of performance.)
【Online lessons】Hourly wage : 1,500yen〜2,000yen
Rewrites teachers
For each evaluation, teachers will be compensated based on the following factors:
● the level of summary/essay (following Catal’s predetermined level assessment system)
● the total number of words the student writes in the draft (word count)
● the type of book/essay (Fiction/Non-Fiction/EI KEN)
work location Shibuya, Jiyugaoka, Futakotamagawa, Kichijoji, Ikebukuro

Transportation costs are compensated up to 1000yen per day.
This position is entirely remote (online).
working hours Mon ~ Fri 16:00 to 21:00
Sat 10:00 to 20:15
Sun 10:00 to 17:00
Teachers are required to commit to one regular lesson per week, or at least four lessons per month.
Weekly work hours are determined by the teacher with each evaluation taking anywhere from 30min to 1 hour.
How to apply Fill out the entry form here!


Recruitment Timeline Recruitment Timeline

The entire recruitment process can be completed online*.
* Those who wish to work in the classrooms are required to attend the classrooms for their OJT.

Our Recruitment Window is currently CLOSED.
We are planning on reopening our recruitment window in April.
Fill out the form below if you are interested in receiving a notification when the Hiring Window opens.

QIs it possible to work both in the classrooms as well as online?
AYes, teachers can choose to work in the classrooms and/or online depending on their daily schedules.
QWhat is the difference between lesson teachers and Rewrites teachers?
ALesson teachers interact with students directly and support their studies. Not only do they help students improve their 4 core English skills (Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing), they coach students on their studying skills.

Rewrites teachers correct and give feedback on the writings students turn in via our Rewrites platform. So, Rewrites teachers do not communicate directly with the students, but instead give them support to improve their writing skills through written corrections and short message videos.
QSince I live too far from the classrooms, I would like to teach online lessons only. Is this possible?
AYes, teachers can choose to only do online lessons. As long as you have a computer and a working internet connection, it is possible to teach online lessons.
QI currently reside outside of Japan. Am I allowed to apply?
AYes, you can apply to teach online lessons and/or become a Rewrites teacher.

However, there are some conditions that need to be met in order to apply. Please check if these conditions apply to you before you submit your application:

You must....
① have a computer and a working internet connection
② have an account with a Japanese bank. Furthermore, you must be able to open a bank account with Mitsui Sumitomo Bank (Shibuya Ekimae Branch) the next time you return to Japan.
③ be able to do lessons on weekdays 4pm - 9pm and/or Saturdays 10am - 5 pm Japan Standard Time if you wish to be an online teacher. (Rewrites teachers can work any time in any time zone since the job does not require live interactions with students)
QI am considering being a Catal teacher as my side job. Are there others who work a separate main job and teach at Catal as a side job?
AThere are many who work at Catal as their side job since they may choose their shifts and work location depending on their schedule.

*Those with jobs in the same industry involving English education for children (such as cram schools, classrooms, and/or companies) are not permitted to work at Catal, unless resignation of those jobs can be promised once you are accepted as a Catal teacher (both lesson and Rewrites).
Q I am currently raising children, and there are times when I must put their needs first. Am I still welcome to work at Catal?
ARewrites teachers are paid by the number of writings they correct instead of the length of time they work. So, you are able to work without the constriction of shift hours, and choose your work time freely.

For lesson teachers, you are free to change your shift time and work location two weeks prior to the scheduled shift. Once you know your children’s schedule, you may change your work time accordingly.
QI have never taught English before. Am I allowed to apply?
AWe welcome those who have little or no experience teaching or instructing others. For many of the teachers, Catal is their first teaching job. We provide training before you start teaching which will help you start your job experience.

Please email to make inquiries about the recruitment process. Inquiries by phone are not accepted.